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Summer Blues

Summer Blues People often associate blue with being cold and unfriendly but when you think about it we adore the blue seas of summer beach holidays and of course associate blue with the nobility of the Royal family. Blue has a richness and a sense of power when you use it in a design scheme and it has that same power to use in your home or property. To maintain the freshness of the .

My broken creative brain

Those of you who follow me on social media, read my blog and visit the shop will know that I never shy away from saying what’s on my mind. I think it’s really important to be honest and up front about things and yes that’s probably caused me a few problems over the years. I mean just ask my cringing mother when I’ve spoken out against minor injustices, crap shop service or the guy .

Go the Hallway! Your hallway check list

Go the Hallway! Opening your front door and arriving home is a joyous moment when you’ve finished work for the day but just how well is your hall working for you? The hallway is, of course, a passage to other rooms in the house but it is also a room in it’s own right, it is the reception point for guests and the place where you put on shoes and scream at the kids .

The new shop – Thinking about lighting for retail

The new shop – Thinking about lighting for retail Opening a new shop space ain’t easy, whichever way you look at its there’s a lot to do and boy do I know that! One thing thing that has always been very important to me is to get the lighting right within any retail space I am working with whether it’s my own shop or one belonging to a client. Whether you are looking to .

I need to fill you in and there’s news!

Well, hello! It feels like a while since I spoke with you in a way that truly represents the changes that are going on in my own life. This is probably going to be the most personal piece of writing you will see on my blog but don’t worry, I’m no bleeding heart I just want to explain, sorry if it’s a bit wordy but I’ll keep it straight to the point as much .
alex t smith

Alex T Smith illustrator and dog lover

Alex T Smith illustrator and dog lover My dear regular readers you will already know about my love of dogs, my sidekick, Stanley, is a well known figure so to meet someone with a passion for small pooches and a talent for illustration I had to find out more! Alex T. Smith is a rare talent, the fusion of quality illustration with life and humour is something not easily achieved and a skill I .

Spring Greens – planted firmly on trend

Spring Greens – planted firmly on trend You can’t deny the buzz you get as the greenery of outdoors begins to flourish after a seemingly never ending winter. Inside the house though things can appear a little bit dull as the crisp Spring light begins to highlight your room for the first time in months. There are some very simple things you can do to revive your home in the spring time, try rearranging .

Guy Mitchell Art Tiles – More than a man in a shed

Guy Mitchell Art Tiles – More than a man in a shed Despite my affinity and affection for textiles, I’ve always had a ‘thing’ for ceramics; they get me excited, giddy even. Whether in the form of a thrown pot with delicious hand formed ridges and ripples that undulate under the touch of a finger or the crispness of a precision cut hand or machine made tile, ceramics have sex appeal. Whilst working on .

Everest Home Improvements Giveaway: Win £150 of John Lewis vouchers

Everest Home Improvements Giveaway: Win £150 of John Lewis vouchers A home requires constant care and attention to keep it looking its best – but some things are easier to fix than others. While painting a hallway or getting a new living room carpet can appear to be a relatively tricky task, they are a breeze to sort out when compared to replacing faulty or tired-looking windows. Not only that but what’s the point .

New stationery Goodprint

New stationery Goodprint It’s been a busy old start to the year! When you have a shop, online shop and design clients to look after you can guarantee that your schedule is pretty tightly packed so certain things get put to the bottom of the list until you’ve got 5 minutes spare. For me that thing is stationery or more specifically business cards. I sheepishly handed over flyers in place of business cards when .