ibride Rex Big Dog Stool

ibride Rex Big Dog Stool


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ibride Rex Big Dog Stool

The ibride Rex Big Dog Stool is a quirky, cute and fun foot stool, perfect for putting your feet up. The ibride Rex Big Dog Stool can be place absolutely anywhere, next to your front door to put your shoes on, in front of the couch to put your feet up or in the kitchen to reach the cupboards (if you’re on the shorter side).

The ibride Rex Big Dog Stool comes in two colours making it customisable to your home. You can choose from black and red, each powerful colours which can make an enormous difference to the style of your home, even with the small size of this stool.


“There are three responses to a piece of design- yes, no and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for”

Ibride established there publishing house in 1996, with the aim of cultivating our otherness, creating objects which make all the difference.
Since its creation, ibride has blossomed through a series of unique collections, where each and every object, the fruit of personal intuitions and convictions, embraces its own mythology.
The latter is in fact a contempory mythology, populated with images, encounters, travels, animals, and permeated with numerous references to the history of art itself. The concept of family ties, binding all our collections, is at the heart of our work, and is designed to instill a special emotional bond into the objects which surround us in our daily lives. Each new collection audaciously aims at asserting both these emotional bonds and our reputation as independent designers.

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Red, Black


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