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The car boot challenge: What did I buy?

The car boot challenge: What did I buy?

You will certainly remember the challenge set recently by Hoyles Promotions to go and find the best that their car boot sale at Clitheroe has to offer. Now I want to show you what I bought and what I did with my purchases. I hope you agree that what I have been able to create is fabulously stylish and the image above shows the retro set up I managed to achieve for a grand total of £31!!

  • Rocking Chair £15
  • Meat safe £25
  • Table £4
  • Sewing box £10
  • Large vase £1
  • Orange flask £2
  • Owl eggcup 50p
  • Teak bird bottle opener £1.50
  • Ceramic coffee pot £1
  • White coffee pot £2
  • Set of old kitchen implements & old music scores (bulk buy!) £10
  • Brass porthole mirror £4
  • Set of 4 cocktail glasses £2
  • Industrial style brush and dustpan £4
  • Pair of Stamp sets £4
  • Pair of old saws £1.50
  • Cut glass mirror £4
  • Glass decanter £1
  • Retro salt and pepper £1.50

The table was a fantastic shape (recognise shapes when searching!) but it had seen better days and the finish was rather uninspiring so I painted it! At first I thought about simply painting the whole top and then painting the base with a contrasting colour but as I began painting I decided to use the mouldings on the edge of the table to its advantage. By painting part of the moulding with black paint it emphasised the pale colour of the wood moulding and stopped the table looking flat after it’s paint job.

I loved the size and shape of this vase but it was a bit grubby and the finish was neither stone nor concrete which could have had a certain charm! So I took my trusty paintbrush to it and after a lick of lido coloured paint I think you’ll agree it looks fabulous! Not bad for a quid.

Using one of the beautiful vintage music scores as a piece of wall art simply hung on the wall with clips and map pins I created this simple stylish cocktail set up which would look amazing on top of a retro sideboard. The teak bird corkscrew/bottle opener which cost £1.50 adds simple fun and charm to what could otherwise be a rather austere set up. The cocktail shaker and vase are previous finds

I have MORE to come!! I am currently styling up the other items so you can see even more designer tips on how to make the most of your car boot sale bargains.