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Attention to detail at Delamere Gardens

Some of you may know I have worked with and for a few different people, one of them being A White Room; a contemporary furniture supplier where I was in charge of media, marketing, styling and much more. There are some great perks to being involved with lots of different employers because you hear about things you may have otherwise missed! One Thursday evening I was invited along to see the launch of a brand new show house on an exclusive development in the Fixby area of Huddersfield, Delamere Gardens.

I see A LOT of houses and whilst I respect and admire all kinds of personality in interiors I do love it when you see something special. The attention to detail in this property is second to none, there is no patching up, no after thought just pure, well planned perfection. Mark Lee and Emma Cockroft of ONE 17 Design have made pure brilliance in living, a house that responds to the demands of modern living whilst dictating vision and futurism for a happy lifestyle.

The house is not flexible, its not meant to be, it has areas dedicated to formality and leisure as well as the comfort, practicality and casual nature we desire for the weekdays. Number 8 is on a sizeable corner plot, ok the garden was mounds of earth but if its planned to 10% of the point of the interior it will be an orchestrated example of modern British garden space. Coming from Pendle where we have a lot more green space than is common I would have liked to have seen more views from the house for the (considerable) price tag.

With vistas from room to room which bring the space together whilst decorating those views with built in furnishing the house is beautiful and practical, Delamere Gardens is proof that when Architects with vision rather than developers with greed design buildings you get homes not houses. I have seen other builds by One 17 Design and if I had the money I would bite their hands off for one of their properties, just see for yourself!