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Bright Bazaar Embracing Colour for Make you Smile Style

Bright Bazaar Embracing Colour for Make you Smile Style

Have you ever met someone who makes you feel good? By being in their presence you feel fulfilled and smile? Well that’s Will Taylor, the author of the amazing new interiors book Bright Bazaar Embracing Colour for Make you Smile StyleI have been an avid reader and fan boy of the blog Bright.Bazaar for a number of years and have always been inspired by the way Will shares interior and lifestyle ideas with a happy, positive and colourful message. I will be honest, I wondered if and how the spirit of Bright Bazaar would carry through into book format but I needn’t have given it a second thought! The book is a bible of happy living driven by a disciple of colour coordination and I couldn’t be more happy or proud to see how it carries so much personality.

I was lucky to be invited to the launch event, of the book, held at West Elm UK in Tottenham Court Rd. I’ve told you before that I don’t travel well but I wouldn’t have missed it for the world! Boy am I glad I didn’t!!! What a phenomenally happy party, I was so pleased to meet many friends old and new who are all amazing bloggers, designers, writers and more. I couldn’t have felt more welcomed to the party and I know I wasn’t the only person who felt that way, the outpouring of affection for the event and more importantly for Will and his book across every bit of social media I follow was joyous and deserved.

SO, the BOOK! The blooming marvellous, colour filled, story filled, charm filled, deep and descriptive and beautifully photographed book. Interiors books can be very dry for the over-familiar, seen one and seen them all, if I’m told to group things in 3 by another interior book, I’ll group the book around their head 3 times! Bright Bazaar is different, it gives you a guide for colourful living.

[blockquote]Date your palette before you marry it[/blockquote]

The Colour Cocktails are a real hit of off the beaten track colour palettes, they are shown, explained, described and broken down and even paired with practical advice about using paints, flowers and styling props. The photography in the book is a mixture of Will’s own travel photos and beautifully staged shots by Andrew Boyd who captures the hue of these spaces in a cool, crisp and quiet way.

Can you tell I love it? This book would be in my arsenal of design goodies whether I knew Will or not but seeing him receive the praise he rightly deserves for a book that is an instant classic will be a happy moment etched in my mind.

If you think books have had their day and that blogs, kindles and instagram have taken over you haven’t picked up this tinted tome of loveliness, from the moment the glossy yellow title glints at you, you’re guaranteed to be ‘hooked on hue’ just like everyone who has had the pleasure of reading Bright Bazaar Embracing Colour for Make you Smile Style.