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Chris Labrooy

My passion for shoes and trainers has finally brought me to somewhere other than an empty wallet and a smiling shoe shop owner! Can you imagine seeing this in your home town? what a marvellous piece of scultpure. Its great to see a designer inspired by his peers, it is a testament to the understanding of a legacy of design that a young designer can draw on the signature style of those who have gone before him to create something new.

I first came across Chris Labrooy when I encountered the marble lampshade, think lady gaga becomes a piece of home furnishing rather than her usual trick of wearing the furniture! This felt sculpture which sits over a light adds casual artistic fun to a room, the felt holds its shape and casts shadows across its surroundings providing that often mythical beast: atmosphere!

Labrooy was brought to my attention again recently because of his stunning three-dimensional virtual artworks. My favourite of the very unusual 3D font designs is the ettore sotsass inspired sculptural type face come digital artwork come virtual sculpture… I’m lost for words to explain what it is! Except for cool, stunning, clever and one of my favourite things ever: retro!