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Driade Italian outdoor design

Driade food erm I mean furniture!

If you asked us what we preferred, furniture or food? We would definitely be hard pushed to choose! So its lucky really that the wonderful Italian brand Driade have launched their new summer products with a range that seem to have come from a sweet shop.

The new colours on the silhouette face of the nemo chair are reminiscent of those glory days of emptying out your tube of smarties to count how many orange ones you got. So candy colours are the order of the day and the new colours are all glossy lacquer so they are super sleek.

So how do we fare with the other new furniture? Well its quite simple, we have a barbecue! New garden furniture is an excuse for a dash to the shops to fill your bags with burgers and buns and invite everyone you know to come and have a perch. A few glasses of wine later and the neighbours are now sprawled out on your new Driade Cape West sofa but such is summer life. With a choice of colours on the cape west range you will be sure to find something to ‘go’ with new neighbour Tracey’s new hair.

If you fancy yourself more of an Ibiza bunny and you’re

‘having it large’ in your garden then go for substance as well as style with the amazing wiry and industrial looking driade clubland sofa and armchair. yes it has a cushion, comfort rave!