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I need to fill you in and there’s news!

Well, hello! It feels like a while since I spoke with you in a way that truly represents the changes that are going on in my own life. This is probably going to be the most personal piece of writing you will see on my blog but don’t worry, I’m no bleeding heart I just want to explain, sorry if it’s a bit wordy but I’ll keep it straight to the point as much as possible.

I’m here to tell you about some significant changes in my life that have happened over the course of this year. It’s funny when something dramatic happens you appear to be able to timeline the events more formally than with anything else, I can barely remember what day it is sometimes but this year is etched on my mind.

I’ll take you back to a Sunday in April when I had a whale of a time celebrating my best friend’s hen do in York, a great day followed by one that rocked my world. The Monday that followed the fun Sunday, my mum came home from work to tell us that she was leaving, she no longer wanted to be with my dad, they had been married for 35 years and for me at least this came out of the blue and even as a 29 year old it struck me like a blow to the head. Having lived with my parents all my life (except for the 3 years they lived in Spain) and loved every second of doing so I knew there were going to be some serious changes ahead. My mum and dad are simply 2 of my best friends and always will be.

This month was also tremendously busy as I was standing as a councillor in my home town of Colne to help direct change in my home town, thankfully I won my seat and was elected, a proud moment!

Mum moved out properly and found her own house… I am happy for her if she’s happy and she keeps inviting me round for tea!

Ok so we fast forward a couple of months and after dad was made redundant (worst timing ever!) and then got a new job, it was decided that the family home was going to be put up for sale. I wish there were enough words to express how much I love that house, it’s spacious but not grand, it’s not fancy but it is home and feels so very very special. I’m not sure I will ever get over that when it happens.

SO… onto the more exciting news…..

I have decided that as I need to find somewhere to live I would find a place that I can live and work together, not an easy search at all but there was some good bit of Karma right behind me when I saw a recently vacated property and had a bolt of inspiration. Could it be the one?

It turns out it is and in January I will be moving the shop to a new location where I will be able to live too. Amazingly the new place is only a few doors away from where I am now so I am very happy indeed, moving from 12 Church street to 2 Church street. There is a lot of work to be done and it’s certainly a challenge and a project but I’m going to take you all along for the ride and I will be blogging the whole process!

Here’s a peek at the challenge that lies ahead…