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Lenneke Wispelwey – hard pastel divinity

Glassware is a bit like art, a bit like wallpaper or the difference between a silk shirt and well any old shirt. We don’t neeeeed glass for our beverages but it sure makes for a more luxurious way of doing things and if you don’t agree then I imagine you drink your wine out of a mug!

Lenneke Wispelwey produces ceramics which err on the side of glass, the gloss and the pattern have the feeling of cut glass. We normally think of glass as being clear but the pretty opaque pastel ceramics produced by Lenneke Wispelwey throw us back to the ‘milk glass’ that reached its height of popularity in the 50s, ask your mum or your grandma if you don’t believe me. There is a majesty and a real glamour in the designs of the vessels but in a way which is graphic, the emphasised facets in the glass give the various vessels a contemporary feel. Put the pink vases against a concrete clad wall surrounded by glass and steel and it won’t fade away or look anything other than fantastic but put it on your scrubbed top pine table surrounded by chintz and it blends as though it was born in the era of its inspiration. It is a rarity to find something so adaptable and ready for the challenge but when you find it, its very special. So if you’re a secret wino who drinks from a mug at least pretend to be cool and drink your wine out of a super cool Lenneke Wispelwey ceramic cup.