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My top 5 Car boot tips and A challenge for the boy

My top 5 Car boot tips and A challenge for the boy

7am and I’m heading to a cattle market, no I’m not becoming a farmer but rather this is the home of the Hoyles Promotions run car boot sale in Clitheroe and I’ve been set a challenge. When I arrive there is a white envelope that reads “Live Like the Boy” and inside is £100.

Hoyles Promotions run a great quality car boot sale with many regular traders. The quality of the offerings on the stalls is varied from antiques and collectables through to clothes and house clearance so you are always guaranteed a great offering. With the confidence in their stalls I was set the challenge of spending £100 on a selection of items that I could use to style a room.

Did you know that last week (17-23 June) was National Recycling Week? Well I wasn’t all that aware until the start of the week either but I definitely know now!

As you are probably aware I am a fan of vintage and retro items and absolutely love to use old items with character and quirk in the interiors I create but it never really struck me how much this is a form of recycling! So this timed perfectly!

Here are my top 5 tips when you’re heading to the car boot sale:

  1. RUMMAGE, yes you have to be prepared to get on your hands and knees and go through boxes to find the bargains
  2. HAGGLE & BULK BUY, a seller will always want a good price but the chances are they will take a bit less than their first price, if a seller has one item you like, there is every chance they will have a few items you like so make an offer on a job lot, it saves the seller having to repack things at the end of the sale.
  3. LOOK THROUGH THE FILTH, often items at a car boot sale are dirty and grubby but grin and bare it and get the bleach out when you get home, its amazing what a good clean will do for most items.
  4. SEE THE POTENTIAL, look out for items you can paint to match your decor or look for things like fabrics to use to make up into cushions or curtains.
  5. BE FLEXIBLE, don’t head to a car boot sale looking for a particular item or style of items. Creating a sleek modern look is not impossible at a car boot sale but the chances of finding a selection of vintage & retro style items is much higher so be open to creating a look you might not have thought of previously.

Here is a snapshot of a small selection of what I bought, I will show you the rest and what I did with it very soon!

Thanks for reading My top 5 Car boot tips and A challenge for the boy