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New Stationery from Goodprint

It’s been a busy old start to the year! When you have a shop, online shop and design clients to look after you can guarantee that your schedule is pretty tightly packed so certain things get put to the bottom of the list until you’ve got 5 minutes spare. For me that thing is stationery or more specifically business cards. I sheepishly handed over flyers in place of business cards when meeting new business contacts for the first month of this year as I simply hadn’t had chance to sort some new ones out.

Last weekend however I took a few days off work and headed out to Amsterdam with friends (more on that later!) and whilst there discovered a beautiful quaint shop called ‘Like Stationery‘. When you see the importance of the basics, the office staples laid out with such high regard you realise just how important stationery and printed goods are in our life. As much as we air punch and drool over the latest technological advancement there is still something ultra special about the tactility of quality paper goodies. I trawled the shop leaving a snail like trail of drool as I coveted everything in sight but settled on a set of notebooks, watched the shop assistant wrap them in routine befitting of a Japanese tea ceremony and left before I got paper cuts on my tongue.

On my return home I opened my suitcase and was immediately reminded of the need for new business cards, the neat package of wrapped notebooks served as a nudge and with the last few hours of my holiday mode I decided to do what I should… get shit done!

Online I came across, in the past I have used that famous business card company that sounds like the noise of a farmyard animal… yeah you know the one! However when something is new I like to investigate and see what’s fresh, the ‘beta’ website immediately had me trapped like a hipster in a cereal cafe. And like that hipster my bearded face began to grin as I stumbled around the website with ease clicking my way through templates of easy to edit business card ideas. Yes you choose from a template, yes you are limited as to what you can have on your cards but all the important bits are all yours, you don’t have to change your name or move house to match the pre-entered name and address on the card because that’s silly and who would think that for a few seconds before spotting the ‘edit info’ button? (yeah me!)

So what’s the deal? Choose your business card design, edit the info, add to basket and you can have 200 quality (really, they’re crisp!) business cards delivered to your door for £9.99. No hidden fees, no vat, no P&P. Mine dropped through my letterbox around 48 hours after ordering and the packaging alone was a treat. Needless to say I am rather happy that my business connections now get the greeting they deserve, quality design. So all you need is motivation or a trip to Amsterdam to head over to for your new business cards.

I’m rather pleased with how my desk will now look, even if I don’t tidy up this happy pile of beautiful stationery will please me for a good long time to come.