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Summer Blues

Summer Blues

People often associate blue with being cold and unfriendly but when you think about it we adore the blue seas of summer beach holidays and of course associate blue with the nobility of the Royal family. Blue has a richness and a sense of power when you use it in a design scheme and it has that same power to use in your home or property.

To maintain the freshness of the summer beach look, pair your blue with crisp white, go for the richest deepest blue that you dare, think of indigo and that seeping depth of an inky blue spreading across crisp white cotton. Throw in red as a contrast to keep the boldness of the scheme and avoid the coldness which can so easily happen with blue.

Traditional homes have often used blue as a backdrop to give strength in the beauty of antiques and art works. The Edward Bulmer range of paints has 14 blues in the range of 72 colours all made from natural ingredients, my favourite is Azurite as it has more strength in it’s colour leading to a contemporary feel.
Texture is just as equally important in a design scheme as colour, the Materials collection of wallpapers from NLXL by world renowned designer Piet Hein Eek showcases this perfectly. The Denim Wood wallpaper carries a softness of appearance in it’s surface whilst maintaining the true blue hue craved by every jeans wearer across the globe.

For those with a penchant for pattern, P.L.U.T.O (Pipe Line Under The Ocean) wallpaper from Mini Moderns is symphony of blue, the colour of the blues is enhanced by the sleek copper stripe that runs across this wallpaper surface. A metallic ribbon creating a bold impression and a sense of harmony.

Blue certainly does not have to be cool and cold, it’s down to the marriage of colour, by joining forces with rich accents the blue is enhanced as is your home.

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This article first appeared in print for Your Village Life magazine.