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Bauhaus inspired design success from Content by Conran

Bauhaus inspired design success from Content by Conran

When I heard the word Bauhaus I got excited, the design movement that started in Germany at the namesake school looks at design in its totality. The concept of creation encompassing a total overall view for successful use and aesthetic is something that carried the reputation of the Bauhaus school far beyond its Deutschland roots.

Terence Conran has long been creating furniture that pares back the look to its bare essentials. This pared back look has always been with an eye on the future, a look that idealises modernism but also wears its inspiration proudly without pastiche.

The latest collection titled ‘Bauhaus’ from Content by Conran is as triumphant as the many that have gone before it, with a small well chosen selection of colours and finishes.

My favourite piece in the collection is the coffee table with “Conran blue” frame and wooden top, the way the table is constructed allowing the top to sit inside a folded steel lip means you get an extra blast of that gorgeous blue colour contrasting elegantly against the natural beauty of the wood. Then that is what you get here… a natural beauty that is so far from being natural in its appearance and construction it has you bemused and baffled but enthralled all the same.

The pieces below include, coffee tables, an upholstered leather and chrome footstool/ottoman, side tables and a console table. The collection will have its first preview at Maison Objet in Paris in September 2013.