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Guest Post: Finding comfort in bedroom furnishings

Finding comfort in bedroom furnishings

In the early 1980s, when Morrissey sang “why pamper life’s complexity, when the leather runs smooth on the passenger seat?”, he suggested comfort from the world’s problems can be found in your surrounding furnishings. For the most part, the point remains valid, if you think about how we used to plaster our bedroom walls with posters of our favourite things, the bedroom has always been where you can hide form the world; it is your personal space. 

The bedroom remains our private four walls from childhood, through our teenage years, all the way to adulthood, so it is important to fill it with items that create a relaxing environment that reflects your personality. If you share the room with a loved one, it is important to find a balance that suits you both, so you can rejoice in your home comforts together.

Many people aim to create a ‘mood’ with their bedroom furnishings. Giving any room a sense of character will go miles toward making it feel more friendly and inviting; exactly what you should be aiming for. A bedroom should be warm and cosy, not clinical and sparse, but that does not mean it can’t be stylish. The right bedside table, chest of drawers or ottoman, like these from online retailer Fashion For Home, can really bring a room to life.

Of course, the bed is the centrepiece of every bedroom, and this is where the most attention needs to be paid in creating the perfect, comfortable environment. A well designed bed can radiate character and tell a lot about who sleeps in it, and seeing as statistics state we spend approximately a third of our lives sleeping, choosing the right bed is more important than many people realise.

The clean lines of the bed frame in the above image are elegant in their simplicity and the low sides help give the illusion of space, making the room look airy and uncluttered. The mix of white and calm ocean blue bedding works alongside the more subtle furnishings, such as the creatively placed throw and the stylish bedside lamp, make a fashionable, yet inviting room in muted colours; perfect for a space for sleep and quiet reflection.

But, of course, a bedroom can’t be transformed into truly personal retreat by a bed alone, other features can help to create a specific mood or feel for your favourite room.

Lighting can have a massive effect on a room’s atmosphere. Above are two simplistic wall lamps that offer an ambient projection across the wall of the bedroom, creating a calm atmosphere. This particular design will fit the minimalism captured in the bedroom layout shown earlier. 

While the modern simplicity of the previous lighting design is desirable and stylish, many people steer away from the cold feel that minimalist designs can sometimes project when furnishing their bedroom. Rooms can seem sparse and cold without enough furniture and finding the right balance can be a challenge. If minimalist design is not for you, there are many feature-rich furnishings available, such as this desk lamp:

Whilst remaining as contemporary as the wall lamps, this desk lamp is less subtle. A suggestive furnishing, its flower-like design could bring a touch of femininity to any modern bedroom. It is important to consider how visually stimulating you want your bedroom to be, too many exuberant designs and you could lose the relaxing mood you are aiming for.

Another crucial piece of furniture, the bedside table, is the first thing you see in the morning and the last thing you see at night. Used to store drinks, alarms, mobile phones and books on its surface, and other important items within, these pieces are a great example of how furniture can be functional and aesthetically pleasing at the same time.

The wood finish to the bedside table shown above shows that contemporary design can also incorporate traditional values and makes it look like an essential companion piece to the bed it is partnered with. This particular design would be perfect for someone trying to create a modern feel while conscious of the coldness that some modern design can sometimes suggest.

There are countless furniture combinations that work to create different atmospheres, moods, help to bring out a bedroom’s character or the personality of the person utilising the space. Get adventurous; have you ever considered purchasing a chaise lounge? There is a great selection available from Your bedroom is your retreat from the world and your own personal space. Comfort truly can be found in the furnishings you surround yourself with.