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Isak – a Scandinavian dream land

Isak – a Scandinavian dream land

For those who have been paying attention to the shop over the last week you will have seen the arrival of the new brand  of homewares – Isak and it was a struggle to contain my excitement. The Scandinavian brand Isak is quintessentially cool and quirky, it has charm andcharisma but with fun and cheek.

This is graphic and print with wit from Sandra Isaksson inspired by her heritage and travels.

Notable standout pieces for me are from the Blossom & Bill collection which features mugs, tea towels, trays and notebooks.

The latest additions to the Isak range of homewares include the Familijen or Family breadboard which features a whole gaggle of characters that I’m sure everybody can associate with their own family.

Isak also produce a very attractive range of wallpapers in funky patterns and very accessible and liveable colour palettes. The wallpapers from Isak work in most rooms, they create wonderful backdrops for family life. See more in the gallery below. if you enjoyed reading Isak a Scandinavian dream land, please comment below and share with your friends on facebook or twitter.