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The Missoni Hotel Edinburgh

mr oni? no! missoni!

Oh sweet Rosita, she of an age that you would expect she sit at home like a ‘proper’ grandma, well no!! Rosita Missoni, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the beautification of the world we live in. Year after year something even better and cooler, and smarter and more colourful than the year before appears as if by magic under the brand of Missoni.

As a knitter you simply cannot escape the effects and the legacy of the Missoni factory and the zigzagged knitwear that is now as iconic as Chanel and that jacket. The brand of Missoni has reached out and whilst it is for its fashion that its reputation for style is held aloft (fashion always wins in the style stakes) the collection of home wares and the branding of 2 hotels are now equal talking points.

I have been lucky enough to visit the Missoni Hotel in Edinburgh twice this year where I was able to absorb and luxuriate in an environment dreamed up by the Missoni team.

The word luxury is the first on my lips or fingertips but the second is colour and actually I want to say colourful charm. The hotel is a rainbow but it isn’t crude or gauche, the combinations of reds, purples, teal and lime green are harmonious, sweet and vibrant. I was wowed by the metallic silver leather bed which was only surpassed by the high thread count signature patterned linen which dressed it.

I like fashion but its not my thing, the home wares and interior styling is inspirational and I bow to the experience of a a great woman. Spool tables, glitter floors, stripy lifts, 15 foot vases, barcode carpets, pink rubber barstools and fabric swatches on the restaurant wall and every single bit of it avoids looking like something from a sci-fi film. The reason why? Quality of finish and careful curation.

Oh and the bar….. the cocktails are amazing, the bar looks… well everything is doubled up, everything is there twice, oh no wait, maybe I was just drunk!