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upgrade from a deckchair to a garden sofa

If you live in Northern England as I do you’ll know that we are not famed for our outdoor living but all that seems to be changing. With occasional bouts of great weather we resign ourselves to dragging out an old deckchair passed down through generations and plonk ourselves in the garden to worship the sun. However as our houses are built with modern optimism we are much more able to see the value of permanent garden furniture, extending our living beyond the boundaries of our bricks and mortar.

Well designed garden furniture as you can see here enhances our enjoyment of our own piece of earth, after tending your patch of greenery and pruning your bush, its great to be able to relax, put your feet up and take in the fresh air. The weather doesn’t have to be ‘cracking the flags’ to step outside, with a garden sofa that is as beautiful as your living room sofa why would you not enjoy your morning brew in the great outdoors.

Interior Designers and architects have a lot to answer for when it comes to outdoor living, there must be a connection of spaces, if your living spaces are all on the first floor level (I’m thinking modern townhouses) then it can make life difficult to get into the garden for that quick cup of coffee on your outdoor armchair before work. However if you have a decking or balcony with commanding views then a snuggle with loved ones on some great garden sofas and it can be worth so much more than just a piece of furniture, its then a great lifestyle and thats what good, well designed furniture gives us.

If I had a garden big enough (tiny plot because I live in an apartment) I would choose something like the modular outdoor sofa above. With its very clean lines and simple form this contemporary garden sofa will not distract from the beauty of most outdoor spaces, what would be the point of sitting out and not enjoying the beauty of the great outdoors?! Simple sturdy cushions that offer a decent padding on a PU rattan construction make for a comfortable seat and with a teflon coating the cushions are shower proof but with a background in textiles I would recommend hugely taking them in if theres a sign of proper rain! The structure however is something else entirely and will last outdoors through rain or shine. My only criticism would be the lack of colour but you can add that with flashy cushions, think Missoni stripes or for the more muted characters amongst us perhaps some Cath Kidston polka dots?

When I’m living in my huge house I will of course have a whole series of ‘rooms’ outside, a living room with a great sprawling sofa and dining table and chairs to entertain my fantasy dinner guests. Who are you inviting to your garden party?