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Aaron Hargreaves – Photography

Aaron Hargreaves – Photography

It seems that with the development of technology anyone with the ability to press the shutter button on a camera considers themself a photographer. I, however, take a slightly different view on that (as you would expect) having worked with a number of very good photographers. I’ve found myself in front of a camera on a number of occasions for studio photography and the direction of the photographer is something else, they have an uncanny ability to know what light is doing and where it should be. This witchcraft of physical light is master craftsmanship and Aaron Hargreaves is one of the craftsmen currently bringing his own stamp to the world of photography. Through travelling the globe he puts himself in the midst of the action he wants to capture, maybe feeling like a stranger in foreign cities turns people into objects and makes them easier to capture?

I was quite taken by the apparent stories in Aaron’s work, the images are beautiful, textured, sharp and captivating but there is a real story, there is a question to be answered. Aaron appears to come to his own in the candid… a person captured in their native state with real expression and life on their face leads us to ask so many questions about what we cannot see. This absence of the obvious is also present in the image of the iconic Eiffel tower seen in the gallery below, the top of the tower is missing creating a completely different vantage point forcing us to view the tower in a different way; look how much it curves!

Ghostly characters and a slight darkness lead to a sense of melancholy but not in a morbid way, Aaron Hargreaves seems to present his work artfully, his use of black and white have an appeal of modern gothic.

Its great to see people with vision taking a craft beyond its mechanics and Aaron has certainly got talent. I can’t wait to see what else he captures on his travels!

You can see more of Aaron’s work on his website