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Corking design from Marcin Bahrij

Corking design from Marcin Bahrij

I love random googles that result in something wonderful. How I haven’t already come across the work of Marcin Bahrij I will never know. The process of Marcin’s design appears to be about the material first and how it can be used most effectively in a design rather than over manipulating the material to force it to the job it needs to do.

Sleek natural bouncy looking stools (left) with chamfers that pull your hand in for a feel are based on yarn spools. A clever design that utilises the material twice, on the seat for comfort and on the base to protect the floor surface too.

My favourite piece is really art based and whimsical and actually is less practical than Bahrij’s other designs, the Silent bowling set (right) is soon to be produced by All Lovely Stuff. The silent bowling set is made from cork and whilst it looks truly beautiful in its almost military colourway I can’t help but think that half the fun of bowling is that lovely ‘plonking’ sound that the skittles make as they hit the ground.

I will always be drawn to anything that is fun, I’m like an overgrown 5 yr old and would wear dungarees and a snotty nose daily if I could rock about on funky things like the cork Rocking Thing. Bahrij has created an abstract rocker that sort of resembles an animal and sort of resembles a vehicle but is abstract enough to be neither, the aqua blue handles complete the design to a level of fantastic that prove finish is as important as function.

See more of Marcin Bahrij’s designs below: