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Covetable technology why be black or silver

Covetable technology why be black or silver

It’s not often that I get excited over technology, whether it’s a printer or a phone or a laptop I just want it to work and be as streamlined and stylish as possible but don’t you think things are often quite “samey”? When it comes to electrical items they tend to rarely veer away from the path of black, white or silver!

SO… it was with über excitement that I saw this amazing range of colourful cameras, Leica have really gone to town to make their products as cool and colourful as possible and why not?? In a world where we are encouraged to capture moments of personal inspiration and have been given the technology to do so, why is the technology still a few steps behind in reflecting that personality? Often the investment you make in new technology is quite substantial so you might as well make sure that your new camera, ipod, laptop or phone reflects you completely, make it personal, make it colourful, make it fun and make it work.

This camera here would be my choice, the bright yellow for fun and vibrancy with a hit of lime for the added cheekiness and zing (yes I can be a bit acidic ;-)) and the soft pink for the calm and soothing appearance to balance the brightness of the camera.

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