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Dan Mackey – Time for Tea?

Dan Mackey – Time for Tea?

My wonderful world of twitter often lands interesting people in front of me and its extra exciting when those people are artists, crafters, designers or anyone really with shared interests. Dan Mackey appeared on my radar simply through idle chat and seeming like a nice guy (I have no time for horrid people) then I discovered his passion.

When someone develops a passion or a sustained interest they really shine and excel in that area, the feeling of satisfaction is a driving force unsurpassed in the human emotions.

Dan Mackey is a graphic designer at the start of his career but judging by the steps he has taken so far he is on an incredible journey!! Pouncing on current affairs and turning them on their head Dan has created some simple, refreshing designs. In a world of “plastics” (in terms of people personalities and materials) Dan champions the power of paper and cardboard. Its amazing what you can do with print and a bit of hand action! The real standout pieces of Dan’s work for me are the Royal Wedding teapot and cup that can be downloaded, printed and constructed (free design for the masses!) and also the collection of Olympic themed papercrafts that he, Dan is currently working on!

I spoke with Dan about his work:

  • What inspires you?

I enjoy creating colourful, feel good design that appeals to a wide audience. I look out for good uses of typography and graphic design in most situations, from food packaging to shopfronts.I find paper craft inspiring and how you can create something really unique and inexpensive reasonably simply. The whole concept of putting a template online for anyone to have a go at I think is great and you don’t need to have any sort of design skills to print, cut out and glue together something cool!

  • Where do you produce your work? ie home, studio, office

At the moment I work for in house marketing for a construction company where I enjoy creating identities and branding. I am given a lot of scope to produce really varied work in all sorts of media and it’s nice that it is functional and gets seen publicly

Out of office is when I do all sorts of personal projects in my spare time such as poster, t-shirts and papercraft pieces.

  • How is your work produced? ie the process, traditional or modern construction techniques?

I prefer hands on methods of design and anything that produces a tactile outcome. I think that creating something that someone can see how it’s made is refreshing and I like the naivety in it’s appearance. I usually work in Illustrator and vectors which suit my style of design.

  • What are you working on at the moment?

I’m currently still working on a few mock ups for free paper crafts for the London Olympics. My Paper tea set I created for the Royal wedding got alot of positive feedback so if I get anything near that I’ll be happy!