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Design wasn’t invented yesterday

Design wasn’t invented yesterday

Speak to any designer, they have their favourite era, time and style because designers are decisive and have vision. Designers are a funny old breed though, they are built upon years of knowledge and experiences gained by other people and implemented in a great way that reflects their skills and ideas with respect for what has gone before. This isn’t always the case but on the whole I’m sure most designers would agree.

Personally I like mid-century (50s) Modern because it has optimism, colour but great craftsmanship combined with a strong liveability factor too. My favourite designers from that period are Robin and Lucienne Day, their combined design power was truly something to marvel. With Robin’s ground breaking moulded plywood designs and Lucienne’s abstract, colourful screen printed fabric designs they brought a whole new look to interiors across the UK.

My friends at Neville Johnson have created this great timeline below of design projects and designers of the 19th and 20th century, it’s amazing how you can see the progression of styles across the age as each designer is informed by the previous. That’s not to say they aren’t breaking new ground with their ideas and designs, they are all pioneers and that’s why they are here.

So from Frank Lloyd-Wright’s Kaufmann Residence ‘Falling Waters’ through to Arne Jacobsen’s Swan chair, check out some of the pioneers of our time who have made the world a sharper, smarter, more forward thinking place. Who should we have included that’s not here? Tell us below in the comments section