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Fashion in a Floor lamp

How bizarre to be faced with such striking similarities from breakaway (ie.not fashion) collections from two of our most famous high street brands? When French Connection recently launched their debut home collection I was pleasantly surprised and as it seems to have a very masculine and industrial concept (a favourable look in my book) immediately enamoured. Upon further scrutiny I was surprised by a striking familiarity between the lamp above left from the French Connection collection and the lamp above right from the Diesel & Foscarini collection. I am not for any moment suggesting that the French Connection lamp is a copy/homage to the Foscarini lamp, I am more pointing out the fact that both companies/brands/labels reached similar conclusions in their design of a floor lamp. It makes me wonder if we pitched a whole host of fashion labels against each other to design something for the home how similar the resulting designs would be. What do you think?