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Gavin Coyle British Design Talent

Gavin Coyle British Design Talent

I met Gavin Coyle at Design Junction in September 2013 and I was instantly captivated by his work. When design is good it really speaks to you and I don’t just mean that it shouts out from the room or stand and screams that it is wonderful. Gavin Coyle produces designs that are inherently beautiful, they caption fun and whimsy combine it with quality craftsmanship and embrace us in their functionality.

The Companion rack was my absolute favourite item, being a dog owner it immediately caught my eye but then being a design fan I loved the powder coated wire construction really selling the dog silhouette to it fullest.

Many of Gavin’s designs are born from the material that is used to construct them combined with something else, the materials are the driving force behind the design. Gavin really allows the wood or metal show it’s assets and it’s beauty whilst implementing his design, there is no compromise, it is a meeting of design and natural talent.

The Jac tables are testament to Gavin Coyle’s supreme talent in identifying the strength of his material. With the Jac table there is a layering of wooden slices that emphasises the grain and makes a very striking almost tribal looking herringbone pattern. By keeping the shape of the table simple but practical the very clever design is obvious.

What do you think of Gavin’s work?