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West Elm UK now available online

West Elm UK now available online

From this side of the Atlantic we admired West Elm and all it’s cool, crafted furniture, lighting, textiles and multitudes of home accessories until they came to London. THEN it gets better, I don’t often get to London so I was truly delighted to hear that West Elm UK are now selling online and shipping across the UK.
So what would I buy? Well… West Elm create some fantastically quirky textile pieces so a nice accessibly priced accessory for adding fun to your kitchen would be the bicycle print tea towel (shown right)

A splash of colour in the form of a brightly coloured lacquered tray would be high on my shopping list. Trays are great for framing objects and keeping things together, they don’t always have to be carried around, a tray can be a permanent feature on a table or sideboard.

The West Elm design and styling team are very clever at mixing up bright colours with neutrals, naturals and metallics; this gives a great crafted and specially curated feel.

The one thing that stands out is the quality of the furniture, it’s different enough to look individual whilst being commercial enough that it doesn’t have a whopping price tag and it has enough quality to feel it will last you for many many years to come. My favourite is the Martini side table, the metallic finish makes it really stand out and it is a solid looking piece of furniture that is practical for virtually any room.

So tell me, what would you buy? Or have you already been shopping?

Check out now and let me know below