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Help creating your dream bathroom

Help creating your dream bathroom

The most asked questions when it comes to interiors tend to be centred around fixtures and fittings and it’s no real surprise given their expense. Kitchens and bathrooms are tough rooms to get right and it’s so easy to spend a lot of money very quickly, I mean do you really need that chrome 3 way swivelling waste pipe if you’re never going to see it?

My advice when it comes to every interior is K.I.S.S, Keep It Stupidly Simple. Start with the basics, what does your room need? If you’re limited on space in a bathroom and never use the bath, why bother having one at all? Have a larger shower instead, everyone knows you can look sexier getting in and out of a shower over a bath anyway, especially when the bubbles have disappeared!

So you have your list of things to fit into the bathroom, imagine them in the room, yes it is difficult but fear not I bring you help! My friends at Virtual Bathrooms have created a fantastic Virtual Bathroom designer so you can create your dream bathroom at leisure. Drag and drop your favourite shower, bath, toilet and furniture into a scale version of your room and use the camera to view the space as if you are stood in your brand new bathroom. You can virtually paint the walls, add decorative touches and accessories and reposition things at the click of a button, oh how we wish life was that simple. The Virtual Bathroom designer gives the untrained eye foresight in their next grand design and that saves a lot of time and money.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve made pieces of furniture with cardboard and masking tape on the floor so I can work spaces out ‘in real life’ so the Virtual Bathroom design tool is so useful and really does give help creating your dream bathroom.

I’ve created a little mock up for you here so you can see exactly what to expect when you create your own dream bathroom, I have gone a bit eclectic in my choice with nods to tribal and hunting as that’s the theme of my current client’s brief. What do you think? ( I think a chair is needed now I look again)