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Anthony Hughes 1 of 12 showcase

Anthony Hughes 1 of 12 showcase

It was very interesting to hear from Anthony Hughes when he launched his inaugural range of interior products as he sought outlets and  retailers to work with. I was impressed by the quality of his offering, not simply because he creates modern design but also because he knew what his brand wanted to say and do. The strap line ‘Industrious Living’ sits very well, it describes the inspiration behind his designs well but also describes Anthony and his work ethic. You can see that the range is well thought out, when a small scale start is needed simplicity is best but it takes a whole lot of work to make something exciting and yet simple at the same time.

My favourite of the range is the Pylon design which presents you with an angled pylon that creates a great sense of scale, it whisks you away to be stood at the base of the pylon and this design is available in 2 colour ways, Alumina Blue & Sulphide Grey or Ferrum Grey and Caution Yellow. The Caution Yellow colour used across the range is very exciting and is the perfect mix between yellow and a hint of green giving it a lively acidic feel. I am delighted to welcome Anthony to Live Like the Boy as the third participant in the 1 of 12 Showcase.[blockquote]What inspires you?[/blockquote]

I’m very much inspired by industrial structures and landscapes and the debut collection is particularly inspired by those in and around Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. Pylons, gasholders, anti-climb fences and barriers – heavily geometric structures – really do excite me, there’s so much going on in what are usually considered as everyday and mundane things. I don’t romanticise about them, but prefer to celebrate their magnificence and power.[blockquote]Where do you produce your work? (home studio, warehouse, shed?)[/blockquote]

I’ve got a small home studio where all my design work is produced. It’s also the hub of the business and my inspiration corner, collating new and exciting ideas to work on.[blockquote]How is your work produced? (handmade? factory produced?)[/blockquote]

All my products are hand produced in the UK. It’s important to me for them to be British made, as we have a superb manufacturing industry here on our doorstep and it needs to be supported. The fabric is digitally printed in Scotland and the wallpaper produced in Cheshire. Both the cushions and light shades are made up in Yorkshire.[blockquote]What are you working on at the moment?[/blockquote]

I’m in the final stages of the debut collection of Christmas cards, again inspired by the structure of the pylon to create some stunning geometric variations on traditional Christmas imagery and themes. Otherwise, I’m looking at a new range of upholstery fabrics, due to launch Spring 2015.[blockquote]What advice would you give to a new designer just starting their career?[/blockquote]

This is a good one, considering I feel like a new designer on the block! Have faith in yourself I’d say, even I doubt myself at times but staying true to yourself and your visions is paramount. Also keeping a log/journal of what you found that did or did not work can save you many resources (time/money etc…) in the future.Anthony Hughes’ designs are on display in the Live Like the Boy shop in Colne for the month of October 2014.See more on Anthony Hughes website