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#deckthehalls with Matalan for a cute Christmas

#deckthehalls with Matalan for a cute Christmas

I am not a huge Christmas fan but before yo throw the Grinch tag at me let me explain… I am not a fan of anyone feeling they must buy gifts for someone else and least of all ‘gift sets’ that are your run of the mill products with special seasonal packaging. That said I love the goodwill, the great atmosphere and the Christmas dinner!! Oh yes you can’t beat a glass of Baileys to wash down your turkey dinner as you pretend to enjoy whatever rubbish television special your family force you to watch! It’s fab to see people take such pride in creating dramatic Christmas decorative displays.

I am loathed to spend a lot of money on Christmas decorations when they only see the light of day for maybe a week or so every year but at the same time I am style conscious guy with a penchant for something lovely. So how do you solve the problem?

I like to mix things up, if you set your heart on a single £30 bauble buy it and add it to your ‘permanent Christmas collection’ but then explore ways to stretch the rest of your budget like DIY (great fun projects with the kids) and also explore some of the great value decorations available on our High Street like I have done in Matalan.

Matalan are giving you the chance to win a selection of your favourite Christmas decorations from their collection and it couldn’t be easier to join in! All you have to do is to create a Pinterest board with all your favourite Christmas decor on their including your favourites from their own Christmas collection. My favourite is a £3 reindeer with the cutest little expression, he is now sat on my dining table watching me eat.

To give you some ideas I’ve created my own board on pinterest here and Click HERE FOR DETAILS ON HOW TO ENTER THE COMPETITION