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Creative Trends – in conversation with Terrys Fabrics

Some of you will know that my background and training is in Textiles and I even did a Masters in the subject! I know, astonishing where design can take you isn’t it? Well anyway it was partly for this reason that when I was asked if I would speak with Terry’s Fabrics about the trends that I saw coming through both currently and for the year ahead I jumped at the chance. Here’s what I picked out as my creative trend picks and below you can see our original conversation. I would love to know your thoughts too

1) What pieces of furniture have impressed you recently? And Why?

I’ve loved seeing heavier, chunkier pieces of furniture like the cast iron & industrial pieces from Nkuku who I deal with a lot. On the softer side of things the printed plywood stools by NLXL Lab are groundbreaking and I have fallen in love with the foliage sofa by Patricia Urquiola too, a modern classic is the Martini side table at West Elm who create this in different colours

2) What colours are on trend right now? And Why? 

There has been a big demand for grey on furniture but coupled with more vibrant jewel like colours on accessories but there is a definite slant towards greens.
Forest green, weathered cedar, emerald greens in strong jewel shades. My favourite is British Lichen and have just done a bedroom project using this colour, coupled with oak, black and gold.

3) What types of materials are on trend right now? And Why?

There has been a huge trend for metallic finishes over the past 2 years now and it shows no sign of changing. However combinations of brass and glossy white and copper with rustic woods are a stand out for me this year, I have always adored copper so this is a trend for me!

4) Which of your projects embodies the latest design trend? And why?

My latest project was an update of a bistro where the design was very much about creating an industrial feel but with a lightness, brightness and warmth. I managed to create this by using a scrapwood effect wallpaper that had an overall pale look to it and combined this with lime coloured walls. Bright filament bulbs added light where previously there were large dome shades. Bright & light seems to be the order of the day.