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Jaime Hayon

Jaime Hayon – a spanish master

It is without apology that I profess my absolute joy at seeing Jaime Hayon producing designs for one of our favourite companies Magis. Some designers seem to simmer under the surface of the designer pan waiting to boil and bubble into the steam of the public arena and Jaime Hayon has certainly captured his audience and earned his talent appreciation.

Hayon’s design is as distinctly different as design ever needs to be, a range that boasts fashion items, porcelain trinket ornaments, chairs and sofas through to individual sculptural forms all demonstrate the fantastical and verging on kitsch styling of Hayons character.

We are very proud to be able to offer the wonderful Magis Pina chair designed by Jaime Hayon. With a selection of different colour combinations to choose from, each combination is simple and timely as they all seem to demonstrate a natural order in their hue and colour palette. With monochromatic through to natural beech and a luxurious looking soft sage green, any colour-way is instantly at home, or at office or at restaurant for that matter.

The colour plays a hugely important part in the shoes Hayon designed for Spanish brand Camper. Jaime Hayon discusses how the shoes we wear are expressive like the expressive nature of a funky pair of spectacles. Simple form, allover colour and a diamond pattern sole all hint at the Jaime Hayon experience of design.

Something which Hayon has gained notoriety for is his range of bathroom furniture which adds whimsy and modernity to a traditionally overlooked area of design in the home. Whilst many designers pay homage to tradition or pave new ways in design with their bathroom ranges, Hayon takes both

classic and modern fuses them together, adds a splash of Alice in Wonderland and comes up with fresh and yet timeless design which appears to encompass every element of creativity imaginable!

I hope with all hope that the irony and tongue in cheek camp and kitsch is intended in the amazing range of Lladro trinket style ornaments that Hayon was recently commissioned to design.

This was a meeting of minds in the 2 powerhouses of Spanish design and manufacture and also reputation. Lladro are snapping up the obscure with designers like Hayon producing whimsical stories in porcelain, there is also something verging on the sinister with the collection too which is possibly an echo from other collections by designers like Gareth Pugh. A collection from a world renowned designer can give a brand a higher stake in the consciousness of the design savvy, hipsters are allover collaborations like hair extensions on a wag. For the uninitiated this is no “designers at Debenhams” type affair, this is full on ultimate haute couture style homewares, collectible pieces for the future!

What does the future hold for mr Hayon? Well we can only guess and hope and cross legs and fingers that more amazing things will happen, Hayons name will ring through the design world in ever more increasing pattern and with more vigour and power one presumes! I personally hope that more products that focus on the perfectionist designer type that Hayon is, are brought to the fore. I leave you dear reader with an image of Hayon’s amazing sofa design for Fritz Hansen. The FAVN sofa is modern, classical, retro, funky, subdued, sympathetic, colourful, soft, hard and fun. How can all these words apply?! Well argue against it if you will but a classic is born. For a more accessible piece of Hayons design don’t forget the Magis Pina chair, available to order now.