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Its too easy to forget Alessi

I was working in a shop that sold Alessi…..

“What does THAT do?” A well dressed lady with a certain degree of style and obvious penchant for expensive handbags virtually hollers across the shop, “its a toilet brush madame, the A di Alessi merdolino” a quizzical look on her face said it all, it wasn’t immediately obvious. “oh wow, how fantastic is that?” The lady was amused, impressed and delighted that she was going to be able to impress Audrey with the new accessory for her downstairs loo. It’s a happy occurrence to be able to explain the design and function of any of Alessi’s products, the clever design means that items like the merdolino and the piripicchio slide seamlessly into our lives forming part of our decor and part of our routine as any practical, useful gadget, utensil or implement should.

SO… Why bang on about the seemingly unfamiliar design of Alessi products? Well. It’s all about intrigue, that shiny silvery stainless steel appeal of Alessi is intriguing. The magpie effect has us hooked! Alessi always have something new for us but its the icons of design that we all want to take a piece of! Alessi have a reputation for employing the bright young things of design from the era in which they are in, they embrace trends and evolutions in design and technology as though they were the family that bore the design factory in 1921. Designers such as Karim Rashid, Marcel Wanders, Ron Arad, Philippe Starck and Stefano Giovannoni have worked with Alessi on the icons of today, lets not take them for granted. An Alessi branded piece is a seal of approval on top of design talent and heritage that is incomparable in this throw away society of half hearted design and cheap manufacture we live in. See the gallery area below for the icons of our time, a must for any home and the positive activism of our design world.