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Normann Copenhagen

Normann Copenhagen – destination style

Normann, Normann Copenhagen, well however you want to refer to it there is something quite simple about its connections and connotations of style. Scandinavian countries have been put on a design pedestal for many years and its not too difficult to see why?

With simple effortless design which is born out of function not fantasy products appear with instant familiarity. Real wood and bristle brushes to do your washing up in a flexible rubber bowl put the fun into function with a range of colours befitting of a cartoon smile. I don’t say that a bright green rubber washing up bowl will have you hurtling toward the sink and arguing with the

other half over who gets to scrub the baking tray but it certainly adds a certain degree of colour to the event. Normann Copenhagen have their roots in tradition but embrace trends, fashion and futurism with joy. An overall modernist look has been prevalent throughout the collection since their conception.

Classic products from Normann Copenhagen include the swing vases, grass vases, dustpan and brush and the ever famous rubber washing up bowl.

Often overlooked are the most amazing light fittings and light shades,

the Norm 06 and Norm 69 have an amazing reputation for cool style affordability and also they come in kit form so you get a little project out of it too. Having put the kit together myself I can say that its fun, a little challenge but also a great sense of achievement too!

Classics aside the great new products from Normann Copenhagen are here! Fresh bright and fun colours, natural materials such as cork juxtaposed against modern powder coated metals. Simplicity is most definitely the best word to describe the whole new collection yet there is of course an underlying complexity of design which equates to ‘instant classic’ status of most of the designs.

Outstanding pieces for us are the Uno candle holder in its pop bright colours, the whisk which resembles a tree stood on its wooden handle and the lighthouse hurricane lantern which I have been getting far too excited about!

And then we have somewhat of a sneaky peek at what is to come from Normann Copenhagen, at the recent Milan furniture fair, Normann presented us with an interesting new light fitting that works alongside the norm 69 and norm 06 as it comes in kit form but provides a completely new aesthetic. New materials and a new colour palette show a whole new angle of design. The Bau pendant will be available in natural birch or with mixed colours and you can see the design influence of artists like Mondrian in the style of the fitting. We cannot wait for this cloud like piece to make an impact on our homes.