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Frag famous for leather

Frag – a name for quality

We are occasionally confronted with the concept of justification of the way our furniture is designed and manufactured. That being in terms of good quality design but also good quality manufacture, 2 issues which on inspection require very little justification in actual fact. Italy is famous for many things, good coffee and family meals to name two but for many people Italy means one thing, style! Don’t confuse style with trends or fashion, yes we are all guilty of following fads and trends (ladies think scrunchies, fellas think mullets) style is ever lasting. The way that style works is an equation that will never be solved but for those who can identify it, its grabbed with both hands and held dearly. So… why the talk of style and quality? The Italian leather company Frag are unbelievably capable of capturing elements of style and cramming those elements into a fabulous piece of furniture. With countless choices of leather colour there is something to suit everyones taste, yet the colours are all in a hue which is carefully selected to sit alongside the rest of the range and just about anything else that you put with it!

Previously focussing on seating to really make the most of the soft buttery leather caressing your skin with every sit, Frag are now moving into other furniture and have launched new tables at Milan furniture fair this year. The most iconic of Frag’s range would be the Canouan chair which is available in a whole range of base types.

Synonymous with style, quality and comfort Frag is future in furniture, its the chair you buy to sit with your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband, children, pets and grandchildren. It will feature heavily in your life without interference, house to house, room to room, Frag is everything you want from a piece of furniture.