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Magis Italian Design

magis triumph

Magis have had a long love affair with pastel, child like colours and with the me too collection they have certainly made those qualities a recognised brand. Magis have launched a series of new and updated products to their collection, a range of chairs that are delightfully colourful and stylish and a modular bookshelf that actually makes you want to be organised! Some of the products featured here are not brand new but they are now available for order and with such beauty, why not have another look?!

The Bunky deigned by Marc Newson is modernism with a hint of retro but a paired down simplicity allowing for colour and form to really show through. Obviously forgetting the intricacies of how well the bunky is designed, kids are going to love it!! How much fun does this look? A strong rugged design meeting the needs of our own little rugrats perfectly!

The Troy chair from Marcel Wanders is emblazoned with his iconic pattern on a beech plywood seat with a choice of stain. The contrast between the shiny chrome chair legs and the wooden seat is striking but if you fancy a more blended design the painted leg option will suit you with equally impressive design detailing.

magis raviolo chair from designer ron arad is a new addition to the collection of chairs from the world famous italian magis factory. with the obviously roan arad sweeping curves and an ergonomic and futuristic design the raviolo chair is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. constructed from rotationally moulded polypropylene the magis raviolo chair is available in orange, dark green, yellow, white, red, green or purple.

magis murano vanity chair by designer stefano giovannoni is a new take on the original vanity chair and compliments the collection perfectly. Magis is introducing the Vanity chair in a range of new colours inspired by the rich, colourful transparency of Venetian glass ! Murano Vanity chair designed by Stefano Giovannoni is a polycarbonate chair with cushioned seat in fabric conceived for injection moulding without gas. Murano exists in yellow, red, light blue and green.

magis tide bookshelf is a modular book shelf which looks good on its own or in multiples. from the doyenne of design zaha hadid who is as famous for her architecture as her homewares. designing a light shaped object that expresses the transition from solid traditional furniture to the slight thickness of plastic was the starting point of ‘tide’ by london-based architect zaha hadid. Based on the idea of minimal surfaces where points have a medium radius equivalent to zero, ‘tide’ is a symmetric shelving module in which one can create different compositions through various rotations on itself. it allows individuals to build and rebuild the module to fit the space around them, adjusting the components according to their needs – where full empty spaces follow each other without interruption. the shelving unit was presented at milan design week 2011.

The proust chair from designer alessandro mendini is constructed from rotationally moulded polyethylene making the proust chair suitable for outdoor use. the magis proust chair is available in black, white, orange, dark green and the famous proust multicolour.

Alessandro Mendini says I think that many people should already know my work called “Poltrona di Proust”. It is a romantic baroque armchair, on which an endless number of polychromatic points are painted by hand using the pointillism technique. These points invades the whole armchair, its fabric and also the wooden decorations. It’ s a re-design work. It is, in fact, the collage of a mock-ancient armchair and of a detail from the garden by the French painter Signac. From 1978 onwards the Poltrona di Proust was realized in many versions, different in colors, materials and dimensions and was even made of ceramics and bronze. It traveled all around the world and was hosted in many museums. Now a real unexpected news. A paradox becoming true. Now the “Poltrona di Proust” has become an industrial rotational-moulded object. Here’s the new armchair “Magis Proust”. It is a technical and production gem. A new energy of colours and atmospheres for a timeless object.

With the real fun of Magis products you can enliven your home, living space or even your work space with 1 piece of furniture, never underestimate the power of a good piece of timeless design. A splash of colour is very important, a point perfectly demonstrated in the tide bookshelf above, yes the form looks fabulous in the black and white but the character of the piece is brought to life with the passionate gloss red finish.