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Kartell Plastic Fantastic

Kartell coming soon and we cannot wait!

New products from Kartell, coming soon!!

As always at the salone del Mobile Milano, Kartell had lots to show off and present to the world. With re-invented classics and sure footed future classics the selection is amazing.

The black folded plastic chair is a re-invented classic chair designed by Joe Colombo, advanced technology has provided new techniques to reproduce this chair entirely in plastic.

The bright and funky colourful Soft Audrey Chair from Kartell is an addition to the Audrey family of chairs. You will almost certainly have seen the painted framed audrey chair and the polished aluminium audrey chairs. The Soft version brings the collection together, adding a new dimension and a warmth making the chair more homely but still as effortlessly stylish.

The real stand out piece was by the designer of the moment Patricia Urquiola, with products coming out of her ears and never faltering on anything less than stunning design Patricia Urquiola has produced this stunning Foliage sofa for Kartell. Uncharacteristically textile based, this branch away from the usual plastic orientated production methods. The upholstered seat section of the sofa is embroidered in a quilted pattern which echoes stylised leaves, personally I also think it has a strong appearance of knitted fabric. Resting on rounded twig like structures that form legs, the entire piece is an abstracted nature inspired stunning piece of design.

It wouldn’t be a sensational design fair of course without a little something from our famous designer friend Philippe Starck. He presented us with the Miss-less chair, of course it is completely radical, verging on absurd, a true piece of altruistic design but did you expect anything less?

Another awesome but slight and nonchalant piece of design by Patricia Urquiola is the mattelasse  vessels, they are unusual forms which have beautiful texture and surprising scale. The size of these vessels makes them perfect for use as planters, storage containers, wine buckets perhaps? oh and shine a light through them of an evening for increased appreciation of their bold colour palette.

Also from Patricia Urquiola (figured out who the star of the show is yet?) is the ultra desirable Comback chair. With different leg options the chair is available with differences to suit individual taste. The upper of the chair is retro yet modern, a geometric design with strutts and uprights creating the familiar comback style.

A surprise return of an old product in a new guise is the ‘invisibles’ collection which is now ‘invisibles – light’. A slimmer and paired down version of the original concept first shown last year, the invisibles collection proves Kartell’s dedication to manufacturing stylish practical furniture but with a decent price tag, it was this issue of cost to manufacture which halted the original production of the invisibles collection. Worth the wait in every way!

In conjunction with Eugenie Quintlet, Philippe Starck has refined the King top table and it looks more stunning and the production of the table has been refined too. With a large round top and single piece base, this monolithic table can be used indoors or out. Can you imagine cocktails on the terrace with your best mates nattering over the king top, I can!

Finally a little but of tongue in cheek fun or maybe thumbs under bums…. this fun stool is designed by Fabio Novembre. A selection of colours will be available but this stool could quite easily be used as a side table too.