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Milan brings new products from Kartell

Milan brings new products from Kartell

Ok I realise this a snippet really, when you look at the plethora of new products on offer across Milan at the recent Salone del Mobile Milano 2011 – Milan Furniture Fair 2011. However it is a bit like overload, that renowned kid in a sweet shop feeling, you want it all then when it comes time to digest it all you just have to sit back and sift through carefully picking out the best bits and savouring them fully. Sooooo, we have the super practical and functional kartell sundial bookshelf by designer nendo is a brand new kartell bookcase just released for 2011. sundial comes with a glossy white or black frame and four shelves which feature opaline dividers set at various angles like the shadows of a sundial. The dividers and the books look to the beholder as if they were in constant evolution. kartell sundial is an versatile bookcase, light and not overwhelming in size which can be set against a wall or used as a room divider. the detail in the separators set at different angles gives a note of originality and arouses curiosity.

The new versions of the Bloom pendant light, kartell bloom round pendant light designed by ferruccio laviani, the bloom round pendant light is an exciting addition to kartells portfolio and was unveiled at the 2011 milan fair. bloom literally blooms in a scintillating and lavish cascade of crystal and adds that special touch of sparkling splendour to any room. the kartell bloom light is composed of a tubular polycarbonate framework entirely overlaid with a structure of tiny polycarbonate double corolla flowers and is available in transparent crystal, lavender, solid white or mint green. tiny lights within the structure beam light shafts through the faceted surface of the petals to create a thousand reflections. a true work of art, the kartell bloom pendant light is produced industrially yet has all the complexeties of a unique handcrafted piece and is simply stunning!

kartell audrey painted frame chair, audrey is not just a simple chair. Audrey belongs to an eclectic, multifunctional, contaminating family that can go everywhere, indoor, outdoor, office, home, and contract. all sharing the same dna but with slight differences to adapt to various different uses. audrey is a versatile contemporary chair with clean and simple lines thanks to the lightness and resistance of its wholly die-cast aluminium frame. This is the first time a single piece, with or without armrests has been cast in this way.

kartell magic hole chair, is a new outdoor sofa and chair collection of products by kartell 2011, manufactured with the rotational moulding technique, the kartell magic hole series consists of a 2 seater sofa and an armchair with an uncluttered snappy silhouette and slim closed section legs. The straight linear surfaces terminate in well rounded curves. The austerity of the lines is broken and enhanced by the originality of the stylistic details. a flared pocket in white or black ton-sur-ton, or contrasting flourescent colours of orange or green on the interior hollow curve of the curve of the arms. comfortable, lightweight, shock resistant and weatherproof, the magic hole sofa and armchair are perfect for outdoor use, ideal in the garden, on the terrace, poolside or for outside use in public places

 so eyes peeled for these most famous future classics (an overused phrase? perhaps, but worthy!)