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Matt Antrobus – A Suitable Surface

Sometimes in life things can become so over complicated that when something glaringly simple comes along we over look it and take it for granted. The work of modernist designer Matt Antrobus is a refreshing change in the world of vintage and baroque domination that we see currently. Whilst fancy patterns and sensual textures become fad, the quality of finish and clean design of Matt Antrobus’ tables will last a lifetime.

A formica surface may bring back memories of the 80s but it is a wonderfully practical surface for kitchens and dining rooms but if you’re looking for a strong and clean finish in your living room then it works equally as well.

The layers of the wood finish composition that are visible on the edges of the tables make for a warmth and character that could so easily be lost in the design. The varying applications of these surfaces utilising pedestals, legs and other furniture structures make for a completely accessible product. Whether your need is small or large, domestic or contract, Matt Antrobus can help as everything is bespoke and made to your exacting specification. As if all that wasn’t good enough, everything is designed and manufactured here in the UK, a great British designer producing great British furniture. I just hope that a whole load of colours appear in the collection too!! (they do)