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I have few regrets in life but 1 of my biggest is that as yet I haven’t pursued any kind of graphic design training, the main reason is that I get so envious of people like illustrator Anthony Peters. Imeus design and illustration is the professional face of Anthony Peters, an illustrator in demand and its not hard to see why. Imeus produce printed media that is candy cute, sugary sweet, vintage fairground and childhood bound, type faces reminiscent of years gone by with colours and themes that liven the heart.

The illustrations are produced for posters and art prints, for commercial purposes such as leaflets and advertising and also for greetings cards, I can not imagine receiving a cuter card than than those from Imeus.

The fun Imeus T-shirts run that fine line between geek in a graphic tee and hipster in a cool art T but they definitely come out on top, its the bright colours that avoid any mis-interpretation.

I’m not a sportsman, I don’t really get it but if having an event like the olympics prompts design like the olympic prints then, I say bring it on! Wow the retro charm is here in hoards, it takes me back to old school books and 70s style posters, I’m not old enough to remember the 70s but I do appreciate SOME of the design that came from that decade!

1. What inspires you?

I am very much inspired by nature and the small, insignificancies that people ignore every day. I love the little details and the ghosts of people in objects, like when you have an old vinyl record sleeve with a shopping list embossed into it from when the previous owner used it as something to lean on. I am also heavily influenced by old 2-3 colour packaging from the Twenties to the Fifties. Limitations in the printing process back then meant labelling had to be bold and direct, no gradients or fake bevels, just beautiful block colour. The recent ‘Own Label’ book by Jonny Trunk has some great examples of classic packaging.

2. Where do you produce your work?

I work from a home office in my little seaside town of Newhaven in East Sussex, During the day it is just myself, two cats, two hamsters and some stick insects for company, then I pick up my children from school and the real fun starts. The downside to working from home is that I am a really sociable person and I ramble on a lot… I may have to get a studio space soon before I get cabin fever!

3. How is your work produced? ie the process, traditional or modern print techinques?

My work is produced over a variety of mediums, some traditional and some modern, though even my screen print work begins life on the computer! I have also done quite a lot of 3D work with cardboard and mixed media.

4. What are you working on at the moment? 

I am working on an amazing ipad app for kids. BUT that is all I can say about it at present as it is top secret! I am also working on a kids story for Okido Magazine.