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Johnny Egg – He’s a good Egg!

A bright colour catches the eye and when it comes as a surprise it can be dazzling! At first glance You could see a piece of cliche or a bit of ‘upcycling’ done well but then you’ve got it all wrong!! Johnny Egg produces the most exquisitely executed pieces of furniture with finishes to die for. The juxtaposition of glaring flocked panels of colour with glossy lacquered surfaces and detailing lead to pieces of furniture with that forbidden fruit of the modern home… CHARACTER.

The Oscar side table is my ultimate favourite and I imagine it living in a dark grey room shouting its presence and demanding to be used. The short cabriole legs are like that of a Dachshund with all its body carried above it, a gleaming glass surface like a pair of happy puppy eyes but refrain from rubbing its belly because the body is, of course, flocked!

I’m not crazy about the chandeliers but if lighting is your only opportunity to inject some funk then I guess they are a good option.

Other notable pieces are the Oswald and the Venice washstand, for all those who think they have achieved modern glamour, without a piece from Johnny Egg, you really haven’t!

I spoke with Johnny about his work and his inspiration and here’s what he had to say,

So where do you get your inspiration from Mr Egg?

I get inspiration from lots of things really, it could range from architecture to fashion, one of my designs, the Daphne floor lamp which was the first in the Daphne collection came from seeing the water tower while driving down the M11 and the miss jackson colour blocking was inspired by Puccini

Where do you work? Do you have a studio?
Everything I produce is made in the uk I have a studio at my house where I make prototypes and where we do most of the flocking which is nice as there is no travelling time to work and for the larger pieces I have a workshop a few miles away

How do you like to work? Is it modern techniques or traditional?
I started out as an apprentice to a cabinet maker, so traditional methods are in my blood, the Vanity dressing table I made for Heals is a good example, mortice and tenon joints and sliding dovetails. However I am not very patient so the CNC machine I have is ideal. It also means I can make model sized versions of pieces to see how a collection sits together.

What do you have in store for us next?
At the moment I’m working on two collections which will be available early next year which will range from sideboards to accessories.