Hannah Nunn Pebble Beech Leaves


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Hannah Nunn Pebble Beech Leaves

Pebble Beech leaves Wallpaper by Hannah Nunn

Beech leaves wallpaper is designed by Hannah Nunn who understands the roll of light and design in our homes. The Beech leaves wallpaper is an exquisitely crafted wallpaper with a subtle but attractive and distinctive appearance. The space around the leaves in the beech leaves wallpaper works as actively as the leaves themselves, the gaps look like shadows and dappled light so creating a beautifully deep look to the wallpaper, it is hard to profess the natural beauty of these organic forms in a perfectly fitting pattern.

The wallpaper collection by Hannah Nunn could be used in any room of the house, it’s tranquil appearance makes it ideal for relaxing lounges and calm luxurious bedrooms. Used in small amounts as a design feature or in it’s full appearance across a whole wall this wallpaper is guaranteed to work.

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Hannah Nunn is an indpendent designer with a background in creating the most beautiful delicate lighting that enthuses on it’s natural subjects. From table lamps and floor lamps, Hannah Nunn has now expanded into creating her own range of wallpaper which pays as much attention to detail with its natural illustration as her lighting does. There are 2 designs and each design has 3 colours of wallpaper available, the designs are named Paper Meadow and Beech Leaves.

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Dimensions 1000 × 52 cm


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