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Summer holidays at home

Summer holidays at home

We all have a favourite place to go on holiday and recreating that place at home is a near impossible task but have you ever considered giving your home at least a hint of holiday feeling?It may well be easier than you think to create a haven of peace and tranquility without trying to recreate your favourite destination. Think about keeping your space casual, bench seating for impromptu chats and cups of tea, simply hung pictures and mirrors that can be changed and swapped with ease to keep a happy holiday mood.

Holidays are best when the sun shines, think about light and bright colours, white, pale grey and blues across the board from pale sea foam to deep luscious lido inspired by the eponymous swimming pools.

Get your Cliff Richard records out and start thinking summer holidays, the beach and the seaside will always bring with it a great feel good factor and a strong identity for your home. The Whitby print, shown here on bed linen, is available in various colours as wallpaper, fabrics, mugs and cushions so from decorating to accessorising this is a perfect splash of coastal cool.Beach huts that have seen years of use feel like a cuddle from your childhood, by using some rustic style lighting such as the rust coloured cage light you can capitalise on that sea salt worn style without the mess. The splash of red in the oak Atlas bench is a great contrast that keeps a room beach hut happy and avoids it being a wet weekend. Don’t forget luxury finishes like shiny brass (try a brass edge mirror) to keep that hotel happy feel and light candles in the evening, we all look better in soft candle light and inside your home it’s the nearest you will get to a camp fire beneath the stars.

If you have the space in your office bring in a fish tank, watching them will keep your stress levels low and they will add some laid back waterside style too, the Bubble tank by Psalt is my top pick.Happy holiday home everyone.