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The New Shop

I allowed myself 3 weeks to move out of one place and into the new one. It has been hard work lifting and carrying and on the whole I have done the majority of the works myself. I have knocked down 2 walls, decorated, replaced a suspended ceiling, created a new window display area and created a new card, gift wrap and wallpaper display wall.

The Live Like the Boy shop was previously located in a Victorian arcade which is beautiful and filled with history and character and I enjoyed my 16 months of time there but needed more space and wanted a shop with a more prominent position. Number 12 Church Street came up at just the right time for me (though I had been keeping my eyes peeled for months!) and had been previously trading as a chiropody clinic.

Colne high street is changing, growing and evolving in a really lovely way and I’m so proud to bring my shop to the main road with a shot of invigorating colour in the windows. There is still lots of work to do and I have builders in the shop as I type creating a new store room and packing area. In a few weeks the shop will have a new frontage created (only time stopped me getting that done before opening) but that will be an exciting development too!

It certainly took some time to get the shop recreated and make things look as good and as fresh as they could, there is a list as long as my arm of things still to be done but that makes the shop fun, it will constantly evolve and change for you and for me.

See below for the evolution of the shop over the years! I’m happy to be the current occupier of this space.