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The New Shop – Before

It’s so easy to race ahead with a project looking forward and running into a whole new look with little regard for the process you encounter along the way. I am SO guilty of this and I constantly challenge myself to record the process of transformation of any project I work on and so far in 2015 I have done quite well.

In my last post I told you all about my new adventure where I will be moving house and shop and combining the two. Yes I will be living above the shop and I am really looking forward to it. However, it is a massive project! With the assistance of the gorgeous photographer Kat Weatherill I am going to be sharing the process of change at the new place. Today I am sharing with you the shop.

The shop had traded as an electrical goods shop for decades and when it closed due to retirement it was quite a sad time for the people of Colne so in many ways I do feel like I am taking on an important part of Colne’s history.

The inside of the shop had been boarded out with layer upon layer of timber, pegboard, hardboard and many other materials too so it was with absolute pleasure I saw the layers come away and the real fabric of the building reveal. The shop front is lovely with nice big windows including an angled window on the corner (originally the doorway!) and can you see the old leaded windows lurking above the door? They’re currently covered up by the signage but I look forward to taking the signage down and letting more light in!

The scale of the shop becomes much more evident here, the ceilings are a great height and the depth of the space can be seen well including the lovely arched top windows in the side of the building. Where the plaster has come down off the walls I am keen to keep the rough stone, with some of the industrial style products available in the shop it will provide the perfect backdrop.

The door in the corner? It goes to nowhere but it’s cute and original and it is staying exactly where it is. The floor is all wood and in great condition so I’m looking forward to taking the sander to it and polishing it up for a lighter brighter finish.

The backroom is is an ode to the 1970s, sliding glass doors? check! mysterious panelling for no reason? check! Sexy pelmets? check! As much as I jest, the walls need stripping and a bit of patching up where the fireplace once stood and actually we are getting there, the ceiling heights are very obvious in this part of the building and they are awesome.

The arched windows were previously bricked up half way obscuring the amber coloured glass, now the light is flooding in!

The world of timber, owing to removing all the panelling that once inhabited the shop there is wood everywhere. I am itching to get started in here now but there are a few jobs for others to do before I can start my work. I don’t have any grand plans for this space, I want the building to speak to me, to evolve organically and to keep as much as possible. The only real thoughts I’ve had involve possibly introducing a black ceiling, what do you think? If you have any thoughts, ideas or comments please let me know by commenting below or contact me on Twitter or Facebook.

All images courtesy of Kat Weatherill, superstar gorgeous photographer.