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Why the Scandinavians got it right

Why the Scandinavians got it right

We all love a good trip to Ikea. Browsing the pristinely designed Swedish showrooms followed by the tucking in of meatballs and gravy, it simply cannot be beaten. And while it may not be as serene as we rip open the flat pack along with our marriages and our relationships with anyone who offered to help, there is something undeniably brilliant about Scandi design. So, if you’re looking for a way to spruce up your space for the summer then look to our Nordic neighbours and rake in the inspiration.

Storage is Stylish

If you want to make your home look fresh but don’t want to compromise on space then Scandinavian is the way to go. This design utilises everything in numerous ways in order to maximise on open plan living space and make you feel more organised. Compact areas made smart with storage ensures your shoes are kept nice and neat while knowing your clean lines and sleek finish looks modern and trendy. You can make storage stylish by stacking multi textured boxes or hanging your coats from a quirky clothing rack.

Cool tones are trendy

Classic Scandi design is based all around natural light and the different phases of the day. This way you feel sleepy as you head off to bed and get a boost of energy as you awake in the mornings. This is created through natural blue daylight tones and fresh whites to not only keep you in the right side of the day but also feel open and fresh from corner to corner. Blue light is proven to wake up the mind and body while yellows and soft whites send us off to sleep so coordinate these shades with your living and bedroom and you can reap the benefits of a better regulated sleeping pattern.

Statement lighting

One of the best ways to give your home that Hygge feel is lighting. The key with lights is that you can be as experimental as you like with this element, choosing low hanging chandeliers over the dining table and big fan shades in the living room. Low gentle light is a key feature of Scandi design and helps the body and mind relax and feel cosy in its natural sanctuary. Choose dimmer lights for a destresser at the end of a long day and let the Danish Décor take care of it.

Whether you’re living in shared ownership in East London or you’re renovating an older home, a touch of Scandinavian inspiration from the Nordic gods is always a good place to start. So give your home a little Hygge this summer and decorate with a little help from the happiest countries in the world.