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The Hills are alive with the Sound of Murals

The Hills are alive with the Sound of Murals

Nostalgia can be so lovely and if you don’t know the meaning of the word it’s not a treatment for athlete’s foot but a warm and sentimental feeling you get over something in the past.

For many, the mere mention of the word mural gives that overwhelming feeling of nostalgia as people cast their minds back to the infamous ‘Muriel’ that adorned the wall of Hilda Ogden’s house on Coronation Street and rightly so, she was one proud woman and that Muriel was her pride and joy.

Fast forward a few years and introduce the Swedish company, Rebel Walls, and we meet Murals reinvented. Feature walls were once a subtle way to introduce an accent colour or a little bit of pattern and texture to a room but the trend is to move to full on colour, pattern and picture!

Having a mural on the wall doesn’t mean you will be living in front of an alpine landscape belting out ‘the Hills are Alive’ as Rebel Walls have something for all tastes. We are particularly taken with the trompe l’oeil effect of murals that give the impression of a different space or depth of space as they transform the way you look at a room. Equally effective are the painterly jungles and treescapes which inject fun, colour and pattern into a room and all without repetitive patternation.

So how do they work? It couldn’t be more simple, you measure your wall and tell us the dimensions, we then give you the exact price including the paste to hang it. Your mural arrives on 1 roll that you trim into strips along the dotted lines giving you pieces that are the perfect size for your wall. This means there is no waste, no pattern matching, you pay for just what you use and at £33/square metre for all designs custom printed to your dimensions and delivered in 5 working days from Sweden, we would say that’s pretty good value! Now just the dilemma of choosing from the thousands of designs, choose quick because I feel a song coming on, the hills are alive dontchaknow.