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How to combine current trends with a Spring refresh

How to combine current trends with a Spring refresh

Your house is lovely, you know that but you look outside and long for the lush green of the freshest days of Spring and imagine yourself as the little girl in The Secret Garden… ok that’s possibly just me! Yet here we are with Spring rapidly upon us and we want to embrace it wholeheartedly but what do you do when your outside space is limited? We bring the outside in.

As an interior stylist my job is to make spaces feel a certain way and fit for purpose and that includes the way our homes interact with the great outdoors. I’m sure in recent months you will have embraced the huge trend for houseplants which quite literally brings life to your favourite space and the hugely popular trend for industrial elements is going nowhere any time soon so how do we combine them?

Firstly, keep things simple and organised. You do not live in a greenhouse or a shed so keep the rough wood finishes to a minimum and organise your plants to give layers of height. Consider hanging pots for extra height. Use a mixture of faux and real plants (nobody will notice!) in the same finish pots, I like terracotta.

Secondly, add some pizzazz. The use of polished brass against lush green is one of my personal dream colour combinations but it adds much needed elegance. This can be your light fittings or lamps, a vase or even golden embellished cushions would do the job.

Third and finally, add pattern. Yes, plants are lovely and layers of rustic wood, weathered metal, elegant brass and earthy terracotta work but where’s the focus? A cool patterned wallpaper using botanical elements in a contemporary way will ensure that your house is comfy and homely and anchors the whole scheme.


Climbing Clorofyl wallpaper £33/square metre

Jara stepped plant display £69

Matamba Hanging planter small £16.95 large £24.95

Green Metal cabinet £325