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Sandra Isaksson

Sandra Isaksson

I had a strange moment of synchronicity this week that made me smile, I found out that a packaging design I had always loved was actually by one of my favourite designers; Sandra Isaksson. If you’re a long term reader of Live Like the Boy then you will know how I professed my love for the packaging that Marks and Spencer use for their food products; it’s always been standout super. Little did I know that some of the packaging I loved was designed by one of my favourite designers Sandra Isaksson. Many of you will be familiar with Sandra’s designs from her company Isak who create the wonderfully fun, charming and often cheeky products. Sandra is 37 and has worked as a graphic designer, illustrator and product designer after graduating from university. It is heart warming to hear that people follow their passion and succeed in carving out a successful career though it’s not hard to see why when Sandra’s style is so distinct.

It’s little wonder that Marks and Spencer and Skip Hop utilised her huge skill to develop and promote their product ranges, she captures wonder and whimsy in a way that maintains professionalism and quality design. Oh and of course, it is unmistakably Scandinavian!

I had chance to have a chat with Sandra and ask her a few questions

What inspires you?

I’m inspired by function and shape. Colour, the mid century. The fun and the cheek. 😉

Where do you produce your work?

I work from my studio above our converted garage in a small village outside Brighton on the south coast.

How is your work produced?

The products are ethically manufactured mainly in Sweden and the UK as well as other European countries using sustainable FSC and recycled paper and wood and veg based inks.

What are you working on at the moment?

I’m working on a big ceramic product range for my Sandra Isaksson label. It’s going to be very exiting because it has all imaginable table top items included in it from plates and bowls to coffee and tea, cups and mugs and storage… everything. It will launch January 2015.I for one, cannot wait to see what Sandra has up her sleeve! See more of Sandra Isaksson’s work at