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Artwork that doesn’t need hanging from Fenton Art and Design

Artwork that doesn’t need hanging from Fenton Art and Design

I’ve enjoyed the great products created by Fenton Art and Design for a while now and have taken the creation and design process of their products for granted. The latest collection however renewed my excitement and really made me focus on the design process.

Hyunjeong Lim inspired the latest collection of cushions and light shades from Fenton Art and Design with her art work ‘Landscape with Ladybugs’. I was instantly captivated with the new collection when I saw the first of the new pieces on display at Home London in January, they have a mystical and ethereal quality that is reminiscent of mystical old landscapes which when you discover the inspiration behind Hyunjeong Lim’s artwork is ‘Conversion of Paul’ (1567) by Bruegel all seems to make sense.

For me I am most taken by the colour palette chosen by Steve and Cherry who create the designs for the homewares, the artwork is intact and the visuals are true and apparent but the colour palette is accessible, trend driven and ultimately very classy.

So what better  way to bring artwork into your home than on a cushion or a lampshade where it can be functional, beautiful and best of all it avoids the arguments of getting the artwork hung level and in the right place on the wall.