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Nkuku Rustic industrial chic for your perfect home

Nkuku Rustic industrial chic for your perfect home

I read lots of blogs, magazines and websites looking at home furnishings as well as visiting a gazillion shops too and I see a lot of China made homewares. I worry about the ‘made in China’ mark as I am worried about the cost to the earth, the cost to the welfare of the factory workers and also if the materials used are safe for us to use in our home.

Nkuku takes away that worry, at the heart of the brand is an ethical beat that cares about everything it does, from reclaimed timbers, sustainably sourced mango wood and even recycled glass. Nkuku put the effort in to find fairtrade craftsmen and women who are paid well and also create fabulous products (that’s VERY important to me!)

The range of hand painted enamelware is decorated by men and women in Kashmir, the beauty is more than just a decoration, it is a sign of craft at its best and what does it cost? Well surprisingly little… a cup at £6.50 and a bowl at the same price are hardly going to break the bank and add the sizeable and beautiful water jug at £27 you have a great gift item.

The range is continually expanding but the rustic Sula stool is a solid favourite, steel and reclaimed timber make it attractive, hard wearing and eco-friendly too!

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